Consignment Terms and conditions

  • Prestige Consignment Furniture Gallery Ltd. agrees to offer the states items for sale for a period of ninety (90) days.
  • The merchandise remains the property of the consignor until sold
  • We offer a full ninety (90) days consignment period in which to display your furnishings and make every effort to receive the maximum sale price possible.  Prestige Consignment Furniture Gallery Ltd. will pay the consignor FIFTY percent (50%) of the sale price for items sold. Items are reduced by 10% every 30 days. We may accept reasonable offers at any time.
  • Unsold items that you would like back must be picked up by the 95th days.  Failure to do results in the forfeiture of items which become the property of Prestige Consignment Furniture Gallery Ltd.  for a donation or proper disposal.
  • The consignor shall be responsible for the delivery of the consigned items to the consignee and for the pickup of such consigned items in the event they fail to sell within the ninety (90) days.  We can arrange for pickup and delivery for a fee.
  • The merchandise placed for consignment shall remain in the custody and control of Prestige Consignment Furniture Gallery Ltd. for the ninety (90) days term of this agreement of until sold by the consignee.  A handling fee is charged if items removed by the consignor prior to term end.
  • Payment to the consignor is by cheque.  These are created the 15th of the month following the sale of consigned item(s) and are mailed to the name and address as per the original agreement
  • Prestige Consignment Furniture Gallery Ltd. shall take commercially reasonable actions that the consigned item(s) are not damaged or stolen.  However, absent of gross negligence, Prestige Consignment Furniture Gallery Ltd. shall not be libel for damage or theft of the consigned items and the consignor shall continue to maintain insurance on the consigned items.